Titan Crane Hire welcomes your enquiry. This section contains information to assist in hiring a crane.

How to order a crane shows the information we require to assess what crane and equipment will be required to complete your job. To match the correct crane we need to know the weight of the object to be lifted, the maximum working radius, set up and work area available for the crane, clearance from obstructions, and access for the crane and/or supporting trucks to and from the site.

Where required we offer a free site visit where one of our supervisors will meet you to discuss your job and the surrounding site. For complex jobs we offer an in-house service of producing lift plans through to full 3-dimensional cad plans if required.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable staff when you are ready to order a crane or for more information.

Terex Demag AC615 and AC205 lifting loading arm on Newton King tanker terminal, New Plymouth.

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