How to order a crane

This page is designed to help you determine your crane requirements


  1. Maximum radius.How to order a crane
  2. Total weight of load *
  3. Clearance height under ceiling (if any).
  4. Allow distance from jib head to hook.
  5. Height of hook from ground.
  6. Height of obstruction between crane and load.
  7. Allow for obstructions which may hinder the counterweight when slewing.
  8. Allow for obstructions and their distance from centre of rotation.
  9. Boom length.
  10. Make sure ground is firm.


* Total Weight of Load is obtained by adding:

Actual Load Weight

+ Crane Hook Block

+ Slings, Spreaders, Shackles

+ any other lifting attachment



The total weight above must not exceed any load capacity listed in any crane rating chart.

Check for power and phone wires in the vicinity of the lift area.