Training is an integral part of what we do at Titan because we understand that it’s an important part of our safety systems.  We fully support the New Zealand Qualification unit standards system and crane certification for rigger/dogman and crane operators.  We ensure that all our staff hold the appropriate New Zealand crane certification for the work they are doing.  This includes training employees who are experienced but have not had the opportunity to complete these qualifications when working for other companies and employees newly arrived from overseas.

Part of our training includes ensuring that employees are competent to carry out their duties.  We use a mix of our own system called Crane Operator Competency (COG) and the Australian Crane Associations (CICA) electronic system called CrewSafe.  In the CrewSafe system each employee demonstrates their ability to operate a certain class of crane, using the pre-set standard questions, and this is recorded by the assessor (another crane operator) using a tablet.  The results are saved in a database and are available for clients to view video proof of the assessment.

Our employees other training requirements are for the broader construction industry such as Site Safe, working at height and first aid certificates, depending on the work each person does. 

Titan is also aware of the need to train our managers, supervisors, and potential managers.  We work with various external providers to cover a range of targeted management subjects, health and safety, staff management, finance, etc. to help them to be successful at their jobs.