Lift Study Centre

With our in-house engineer and a range of specialised tools including CAD software, lift planning tools, and the Faro 150 Premium 3D laser scanner, we have significantly enhanced our lift planning capabilities.

CAD software enables visual representation for better analysis, issue identification, and optimisation of lifting equipment placement and configuration, ensuring safe and efficient lift operations.

Specialised lift planning tools offer features such as load calculations, crane selection, stability analysis, and collision detection. Staff can input parameters to simulate and evaluate different lift scenarios, helping them choose the appropriate crane and determine effective lifting strategies.


The Faro 150 Premium 3D laser scanner captures precise 3D measurements of objects and environments. By scanning the lift site, detailed point clouds are created, which can be imported into CAD software for analysis. The point clouds provide accurate information about the site's geometry, allowing for assessments of clearances, identification of potential obstacles, and planning of lift paths.

By leveraging these advanced systems, we possess a powerful toolkit to plan and execute lifts with precision and confidence.