At Titan, we recognise the collective responsibility we have as a team to ensure a better world for future generations. Just like all New Zealanders, we deeply value our pristine outdoors and understand the need to take greater action in protecting the environment. We are committed to scrutinising our operations and taking responsibility for the areas within our control, and implementing changes that will minimise our impact on the environment.

While our current environmental policy addresses crucial aspects such as diesel spillage and used oil recycling, we acknowledge that these measures alone are insufficient in minimising greenhouse gas emissions and fostering overall environmental improvement for future generations. Therefore, we are presently in the process of revising our short- and long-term policies to meet the challenge of doing better in this regard.

In the short term, we are actively working towards reducing waste in all aspects of our business by reassessing our purchasing practices and introducing comprehensive recycling programs across all our operating areas. Our goal is to maximise the recycling of all materials that can be recycled within each specific area.

Looking ahead to the long term, our primary challenge lies in transitioning our fleet of utility vehicles, cranes, and trucks to more environmentally friendly fuel or energy sources. Presently, our policy mandates that any new vehicle purchases must be the cleanest option available while still meeting our operational requirements. Although manufacturers are actively exploring solutions, there are currently limited options in New Zealand.

However, we are optimistic about the near future and anticipate significant advancements in this field. For instance, overseas crane companies are already operating their fleets on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), which is a potential option for us as well. Many of our modern fleet vehicles meet the specifications for biofuel, and once HVO becomes available in New Zealand, we can consider this sustainable alternative.

As the availability of more eco-friendly utilities and trucks continues to improve, we are committed to embracing any new alternatives and innovations that arise. Our dedication to environmental sustainability remains steadfast, and we will proactively adopt greener practices as they become viable options for our operations.