We offer a comprehensive range of Cranes, Trucks, Equipment and related services:


  Crawler up to 500 tonnes  
  All-Terrain up to 350 Tonnes  
  Rough Terrain up to 100 Tonnes  
  City up to 55 Tonnes  
  Truck Mount up to 55 Tonnes  
  Pick and Carry up to 40 Tonnes  



  Transporter and Heavy Haulage up to 120 Tonnes gross
  Truck and Trailer combinations up to 50 Tonnes gross


Project Lift Management

We provide comprehensive crane lift management services for construction projects. Our expert team offers planning, coordination, safety, operation, and maintenance solutions, with a focus on safety, and efficiency,

CAD, 3D scanning and job planning

Our inhouse job planning includes CAD, 2D and 3D drawings and 3D scanning of the worksite for complex lifts.

Our Faro 150 3D Laser Scanner, can scan the whole work site to mm precision.

Also see lift study center page.

Machinery Shifting

In addition we specialise in the installation, extraction, and relocation of machinery and industrial plants of all types.




Site Visits

Our team provides a free site visit to assess your specific requirements and offer tailored solutions, and excel at solving complex engineering problems.